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Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada, Governance Proİ is a leading provider of web-based board evaluation software to public, private and non-profit organizations worldwide. Born from a wealth of experience that spans over 40 years, Governance Proİ was developed by experts in board governance who are dedicated to satisfying an overwhelming demand in the marketplace for a cost-effective and easy-to-use online board evaluation solution that provides organizations with the framework to conduct a thorough top-to-bottom assessment of the board, its members, committee’s, CEO, senior executive team and strategic plan.

Our team leader, Ray Bauschke is an internationally recognized authority on board governance. He actively serves as a board member for a multi-billion dollar financial institution, a religious organization, a golf & country club, and a condominium corporation; and has lent his considerable expertise to the development of Governance Proİ. Over the years, his firm, Bauschke & Associates, Ltd. (1971), has provided valuable counsel to both senior management and corporate boards helping them develop evaluation criteria to measure and enhance CEO and board performance. Ray has written numerous books and articles on governance issues important to directors and has profoundly influenced the way that organizations throughout the world manage and develop their corporate governance processes. As an adjunct-professor, he taught summer management courses at the University of Houston for ten years and as a public speaker, Ray has conducted hundreds of board and management seminars in numerous countries.

At Governance Proİ, we pride ourselves in providing user-friendly and innovative web-based board assessment solutions that will help you enhance board performance and effectiveness, while taking into account the unique and differing corporate dynamics of your organization.

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