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November 9, 2010

St. Mary's Bank

St. Mary's Bank, the nation's first credit union. St. Mary's Board of Directors was seeking a cost effective board evaluation system that was web-based, incorporated best practices in the industry, offered the ability to produce individual and consolidated rater reports, and provided the flexibility to add, delete, and edit performance evaluation statements. The Governance ProŠ board evaluation system met all of our criteria; and after using the system, I can honestly say that this system delivered on all fronts.

In addition, Randy Bauschke and Cameron Eastman have been very responsive to feedback regarding further enhancements to the system. In fact, they implemented one of our enhancement requests in the latest update that allows board members to drill down to look at individual statement ratings that roll up to a particular topic area being evaluated.

Great product and great service!

Don Stevens
Executive Vice President
Chief Administrative Officer

P.O. Box 990 / 200 McGregor Street / Manchester, NH 03105-0990
Ph. (603) 629-1563 /

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